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Watsonia Primary School has just received spectacular news to support our learning in the Digital Investigation Space. In April Miss Noack and the ICT team of Cameron, Jobie, Jayden and Harry submitted an entry to the Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank 2017 “Teachers Initiative Program.” The initiative was to purchase new Robotics equipment called Lego Mindstorms EV3 to extend Programing skills in the grade 5/6 area. Last week we found out we were successful!

This grant is in addition to $5000 the school received after applying for a Federal Government grant which helped fund our new Interactive finger touch Whiteboard and additional resources for our Coding Room.

At our next assembly The Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank will be attending to award a $1000 cheque to our school.

Part of the program involves a popular vote so please vote for the Watsonia Primary School initiative at the link below.

To find out more about our initiative visit.


Welcome to our Digital Investigation Space

Meow Infusion

Welcome to the the home of the Digital Investigation Space at Watsonia Primary School.  Here we will be sharing student projects using a variety of digital technologies.

2017 will be filled with computational thinking, programming, creating and sharing our own digital creations using  ipads, robots and laptops.

Term 2 will include an excursion to the Quantum Maths and Science center where we will extend our skills by experiencing their facilities and programs.

Term 3 will include a whole school celebration day where the community can visit to solve problems and discover new things by using digital computing and robotics science technologies.

We look forward to a fantastic year exploring and sharing our work in Digital Technologies!

Watsonia Primary School Staff


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